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South Sudan

6 aircraft
49 staff
74 destinations
219 partner organisations

The Challenge

South Sudan has been in and out of war for the past 60 years. More than 2 million people have died in two long civil wars with the north, prior to independence of the south in XXXX. The most recent tribal warfare that broke out in December 2013 has left the country devastated. Clean drinking water is scarce and food insecurity is on the rise. Although rich in natural resources, poverty is widespread.

South Sudan has one of the highest mortality rates of pregnant and birthing mothers in the world. Just 2% of the road network is paved, making overland travel to many remote villages difficult and even impossible during the rainy season. Safety of overland travel is also ….bandits.

Our Operation

MAF has been serving this region since 1950. Forced to leave for some years due to civil war, MAF now has a base in the capital of Juba. Every year we fly hundreds of doctors, patients, aid workers, to enable access to healthcare and food and clean water, and in support of development, education, peace and reconciliation. We also fly church leaders with the South Sudanese church.

In partnership with over 200 organisations, such as AIM International, Tearfund, Medair, Christian Mission Aid, Water Harvest International and Save the Children – to name just a few – we are proud to be part of bringing hope to a country that almost lost all hope.

Quote: ‘We are so grateful to MAF that they facilitate us when we need to travel. The north-western weekly shuttle is a huge blessing. Before we had to drive for hours to get on a commercial flight, and that is always risky because road security is really bad and people get ambushed and shot.’ Sabet Kuj, In Deed and Truth Ministries