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Welcome to MAF

Mission Aviation Fellowship is an international Christian organisation whose mission is to bring help, hope and healing through aviation to isolated communities.

This short documentary explores how - with your help - we continue the ministry, overcoming the barriers of isolation to “fly for life” in the fullest sense of the term.


In our seventy-five years of serving remote communities in the far corners of the world, we have never seen anything that has so deeply affected the entire world economically and socially as COVID-19. Our work has been limited due to lockdowns in many countries. In some countries we have served almost as normal, in others we have been limited to providing a few flights to aid the government in their fight against COVID-19.

To care for the safety of our staff, partners and the isolated communities we serve, we have modified our aircraft, trained ground staff on aircraft cleaning techniques and established new passenger procedures.

Our hearts and minds are constantly focused on the isolated people who live in the most remote locations where we serve. Literally tens of thousands have not been served with the basics to address their physical and spiritual needs. As we prepare to once again serve their villages, we anticipate encountering food shortages, unattended medical needs, exacerbated educational challenges and spiritual hunger.

We are positioned, ready to address these increased needs once restrictions of movement are lifted in the countries where we serve. We invite you to partner with us, through your prayer and financial support, so that isolated communities are not forgotten.

MAF in Action