MAF partnership and participation includes:

  • Representation on local security and humanitarian networks in countries where MAF programmes operate
  • European membership of BOND and EU-CORD, and is a member of the Humanitarian Emergency Fund (DEC) Scotland
  • Membership of EU-CORD ensures access to: Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies (VOICE); Confederation of Relief and Development (CONCORD); International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC); and the VIVA Network.
  • An MOU with Integral Alliance and World Vision
  • Close collaboration with Medair and Swiss Development Corporation (SDC)
  • Close communication with DFID
  • In the USA, MAF is a member of ACCORD and the Global Relief Alliance (GRA).
  • MAF is a signatory of the Code of Conduct for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and NGOs in Disaster Relief. ¬†
  • MAF is a full member of the CHS Alliance and operates in a principled, impartial, independent and neutral manner serving communities in need.
MAF partners with the World Health organization
Photo: Ian Purdey
MAF flew to seven isolated areas to deliver Covid vaccines as part of COVAX. COVAX is co-led by CEPI, Gavi and World Health Organisation, alongside key delivery partner UNICEF who chartered the flight.