MAF in 2021

  • MAF flew more than 5.7 million kilometres – more than 143 times around the equator.
  • MAF flew to around 1,000 destinations worldwide in 2021.
  • MAF flew more than 32,500 hours and more than 42,000 flight legs, flying around 101,000 passengers and 4 million kg of freight (excluding passenger baggage allowances).
Relief in Uganda
Photo: Gregory Vine
Disaster Relief for Kasese, Uganda
  • MAF has over 120 aircraft serving in 27 countries.
  • MAF has more than 1,200 staff serving around the world.
  • MAF flights serve around 1,400 organisations.
  • MAF flies over 8,400 nautical miles every day.
  • A MAF aircraft takes off or lands every 6 minutes.
  • Daily, MAF flies around 270 passengers and over 11,000 kg of  freight (excluding passenger baggage allowances).
loading the aircraft
Photo: Annelie Edsmyr
Loading building supplies and kitchen appliances for a remote high school in Papua New Guinea