MAF in 2023

  • MAF flew more than 6.3 million kilometres – more than 159 times around the equator.
  • MAF flew to around 1,000 destinations worldwide in 2023.
  • MAF flew more than 36,000 hours and more than 47,000 flight legs, flying around 135,000 passengers and 4.3 million kg of freight (excluding passenger baggage allowances).
Airstrip aerial shot in Arnhem Land
Annelie Edsmyr
Aerial shot of an airstrip in Arnhem Land
  • MAF has around 117 aircraft serving in flight programmes and training centres.
  • MAF has around 1,400 staff serving around the world.
  • MAF flights serve around 1,500 organisations.
  • MAF flies over 9,400 nautical miles every day.
  • A MAF aircraft takes off or lands every 5.6 minutes.
  • Daily, MAF flies more than 370 passengers and over 11,900 kg of  freight (excluding passenger baggage allowances).
Aircraft at airstrip in South Sudan
Jenny Davies
People in South Sudan gathered around aircraft during a charter flight to Kuron