MAF is committed to transparency in all it does and to accountability to its stakeholders and community. We are committed to disclosing timely, relevant and accurate information in an accessible format. We share information regarding our governance structure, legal status and organisational purpose with the public at Organisational policies that are relevant to stakeholders external to the organisation are also available there.

MAF is committed to transparency and integrity in financial management and our finances are externally audited. The resulting annual financial report is presented by our directors to our members and is available to the public and stakeholders at together with our Strategic Plan and Annual Reports which describe our priorities, strategy and significant activities, along with reports of key outputs, outcomes, lessons and trends. Our Annual Review also refers to our formal partners and a wide variety of our service users.

To make a request for information, please email us on [email protected]

How your request for information will be handled:

1. Your request for information will be acknowledged.
2. We will confirm whether the information requested is approved for distribution.
3. If approved, the information will be collated and sent to you