Please find below answers to questions we frequently receive from people considering working with MAF International. We hope you find this useful. However, if your question is not answered below please contact us and one of our recruitment team will respond as quickly as possible.

MAF International recruits for a range of roles in MAF programmes and support offices. We recruit on an on-going basis for the roles that come to mind first - Pilots, Engineers and Avionics Technicians - but we also regularly recruit for a range of management and support roles in departments such as Finance, Quality Safety & Security, Base Management, HR, Operations, and Communications among others.

Please take a look at our current vacancies.

MAF programmes support medical and education work, but we do not usually employ teachers or medical workers directly.

MAF does advertise some roles in these fields on behalf of organisations we work with overseas and can facilitate applications, however the preference is for you to approach these organisations directly to find out more information.

MAF is a Christian aviation organisation which recruits suitably skilled, qualified, and experienced staff looking to serve remote communities as missionaries. Job profiles are available with full details of the requirements of each role.

Mission and Purpose statements are of central importance to MAF's identity as a faith-based charity. You can read more about these here.

MAF staff are required to raise sponsorship in their home country and work in close partnership with other mission workers in the Christian community overseas. Staff need to be mature, flexible, able to live and work cross-culturally and sometimes in challenging developing country environments.

MAF staff are dedicated to service within MAF's ministry and often have the support and pastoral care of an established home church. MAF staff share in Christian activities such as prayer days and daily devotions during their time with MAF.

MAF International works with Ministry Support Groups in various locations around the world. These groups offer initial advice and informal discussions to help potential candidates discover if they want to formally apply to serve with MAF internationally. After consultation and initial assessments, depending on the role you are applying for, candidates undertake formal interviews and technical assessments. For some roles a medical and psychological assessment, and an aptitude and capacity assessment, will also be required. 

Given the nature of our ministry many of the roles with MAF require staff to have sound bible college training.

Pilots must successfully complete Line Pilot Standarisation.

All staff will be required to successfully complete MAF International’s orientation course and would in most cases be required to attend Security and Transition Training.

MAF International has a MAF training centre in Mareeba, Australia, which provides commercial training for pilots. This facility is able to prepare pilots from recreational flying to CPL level flying.

We also partner with the Mission Aviation Training Centre in the Netherlands who are our preferred training provider in Europe.

More information please see Flight Training or contact your the closest MAF Ministry Support Group.

MAF International also has an engineering apprenticeship program for those interested in long-term service with MAF as aircraft maintenance engineers (mechanical or avionics). Please find more information here.

From time to time, short term opportunities become available. These roles are critical and arise due to an urgent need for support in a specific programme. To view these positions please visit our careers portal.

Yes. MAF welcomes volunteer interest, although the number of places are very limited. Applications are assessed on a case by case basis. Please contact us to find out more.

MAF International staff receive an allowance, however they are required to carry out some sponsorship fundraising work (Ministry Partnership) to help meet costs associated with MAF international service.

MAF Ministry Support Groups provide training and on-going support to staff undertaking ministry partnership development to help them build a group of partners who will pray for them, as well as financially sponsor them.

Allowances will not be comparable to commercial organisations, as MAF International is a charity organisation – not for profit.

We recommend you keep in touch with your local MAF Ministry Support Group; their teams are happy to keep in touch with candidates not yet meeting minimum requirements.

For more information about what training is required for pilots and engineers please click here

MAF consider family a priority and insist on families staying together for all placements. Spouses are involved in the recruitment process, including interviews.  

MAF takes family needs seriously and will consider spouses and children when negotiating the location of a job to be offered. If a spouse wants to work in paid employment overseas, the location may be limited because of work permit restrictions and this may be a factor in the assignment locations offered.

Good schools are available in most programme locations but must be paid for. Sometimes staff are able to relocate to a different programme if schooling is thought to be inadequate for certain ages of children, but this is explored ahead of time with management. Many families opt for home schooling as a way to overcome any challenges presented by the location of schools.

MAF takes the broad pastoral care of staff and their families seriously. We do not send a staff member overseas to work for normal length assignments without their spouse or any dependent children. This is because MAF believes this would have a detrimental effect on the family and relationships. As a Christian mission organisation MAF believes that all parts of the family have needs which should be considered.

This depends entirely on the candidate’s ability to raise sponsorship (ministry partnership) and, where relevant, ensure their technical competency for the role they are applying for.

The preparation process will vary to meet individual needs, as well as MAF requirements for orientation and induction. From initial enquiry to arriving in the field may take up to two years.

The benefits are limitless! The most amazing is seeing isolated people changed by the love of Christ!

Other benefits include: serving together to bring help, hope and healing through aviation; a broader world-view; involvement in a local community; developing friendships with those from other cultures; and serving the Lord.

It is not easy to relocate a family overseas. It takes time to settle in and adjust to a new living and working environment. The following site gives great information about mission:  

Even the most experienced overseas traveller will have some level of culture shock when they join a MAF programme. Culture shock can also be experienced when returning to the home country too.

MAF sees the home church as a partner in the role of supporting staff. They will help test the calling to mission work and they will provide prayer and pastoral support for staff. They may or may not be able to sponsor financially. MAF Ministry Support Groups will seek to develop a working relationship with the home church.

There is very good medical care available in most locations, but it must be paid for. Staff will be medically and psychologically assessed to ensure they are suited for the environment overseas, and advised on health precautions and actions to take. Once employed, staff may be required to undertake a medical and psychological assessment from time to time to ensure MAF’s duty of care. 

Usually overseas assignments last four years. This is usually extended by mutual agreement. Some roles may have a shorter assignment length.

Working hours vary from country to country and abide by local country laws. They are usually around 38 hours per week. Flexibility in working hours will be required in order to meet programme operating needs and emergencies e.g. medical evacuation flights.

Staff are entitled to annual leave, plus paid public holidays according to their location. There is also home assignment leave, usually every two years. Home assignment is to be used for raising sponsorship, meeting with partners and undertaking a home office visit, medical check-ups etc.

When you are appointed to a particular overseas location, MAF International will provide you with all the information required on the operations, the living and working environment, and what the accommodation will be like. You then decide what you will need to ship to your overseas location, and what you can arrange there. A house and basic furnishings and kitchen equipment are provided by MAF.

Health risks should be taken seriously and appropriate advice followed. Some staff will take anti-malarials all the time, others who are based only at high altitudes may not. MAF advises following specific medical advice for the location and type of work undertaken, as with all other health issues.

This depends entirely on the programme the candidates join. Some locations require 500 hours while others require 1000 or 2000 hours.

Yes, as well as an advanced instrument rating. More information can be found here.

MAF requires a class 1 medical. 

MAF can conduct a Pilot Aptitude test for prospective pilots hoping to pursue mission flying. This may be at your own cost paid up front and would require a day of your time.

Additional information can be found here.

If you want to apply for a role advertised, or you want to let MAF know of your interest in working overseas in the future, please have a look at the relevant vacancies and follow the prompts to complete the online application. Our staff will be in touch with you regarding your enquiry.

Should you have any additional questions you may email us on [email protected]