MAF International and the environment

MAF International is committed to managing our environmental impact as part of our integral mission mandate to care for God’s creation. We seek to act as wise stewards and mitigate our impact on the environment as we pursue our mission of bringing help, hope and healing through aviation.  

We believe our aviation services directly address the issues of human suffering and injustice found in remote communities. We acknowledge that man’s actions and activities directly impact our environment for good or bad. We therefore choose to evaluate our activities and tools to manage our impact on the poor, the natural world and all humanity in alignment with our core beliefs and values. We do this through the following principles for environmental stewardship:

  • Waste: To minimise waste produced in our offices and programmes, MAF applies the principles of reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, renew.
  • Conservation: MAF reduces resource consumption (e.g. energy, water and fuel) by eliminating wasteful practices and promoting energy-efficient equipment and proper utilisation. 
  • Procurement: To minimise our impact on the environment, MAF seeks to purchase sustainable goods when possible by understanding a product’s life-cycle footprint.
  • Travel: MAF seeks to ensure all travel is necessary for our work and make necessary travel via the least carbon-heavy mode of transportation, considering the context of where staff need to be deployed. 

  • Education: To promote MAF’s commitment to environmental stewardship, MAF provides ongoing education for all staff and volunteers. 
  • Awareness: MAF makes our environmental statement and strategy available to all stakeholders.
  • Input: To accomplish both our mission and our desire to be wise stewards, MAF dialogues with our stakeholders on issues of creation care.
  • Partnership: MAF intentionally partners with those engaged in creation care.

  • Research: To remain knowledgeable of creation-friendly tools and processes, MAF monitors marketplace trends and technology.
  • Investment: MAF invests in appropriate technologies that reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Improvement: To ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance, MAF sets targets within an Environmental Impact Plan, measures progress and reports results.

  • Compliance: MAF complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in all countries where MAF has a base or office. When feasible, MAF seeks to maintain standards that exceed existing laws and regulations.
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