Bringing help, hope and healing for 75 years

For over 75 years, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has been flying light aircraft to reach inaccessible communities cut off by geographical barriers such as jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts, or isolated by conflict. 

During World War II Christian servicemen and women from around the world independently had the vision to use aircraft for good, to reach people living in isolation.

How is it that there is enough money to get thousands of planes into the air to kill and destroy, when only a handful are being used for missionary work?
Murray Kendon, MAF Founder

This vision led to the registration of MAF in London in 1945, with the first survey flights of central and east Africa in 1948, and the beginning of MAF’s first programme being established in Sudan in 1950. Like-minded organisations were registered in the USA and Australia around the same time, with programmes beginning in South and Central America and in Papua New Guinea.

Early exploration of (South) Sudan in the 1950s with the Rapide
Early exploration of (South) Sudan in the 1950s with the Rapide

Today, MAF serves in 29 countries with around 117 aircraft. We enable more than 1,500 aid and development organisations, missions and local churches to bring medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and Christian hope to thousands of communities.

Aircraft Dedication in Papua New Guinea, photo by Paul Woodington
Photo by Paul Woodington
Aircraft Dedication in Papua New Guinea