Customer focus

MAF works as a ‘non-scheduled charter’ flight operator. This means we fly our aircraft for customers when they ask us to rather than to a fixed schedule.

The vast majority of MAF flights are subsidised by donations. Most of our passengers contribute to the cost of their flight, but the level of contribution varies depending on the customer and the country.


All MAF pilots hold commercial pilots licences and have all undergone a thorough assessment and training programme before they are allowed to fly on their own.

Team work

Our flights could not happen without the support of a large team of ground operations staff around the world: engineers; office staff covering many varied tasks including taking bookings, issuing tickets, checking in passengers; staff who help load passengers and cargo onto the aircraft, and refuelling; staff who ensure flights are taking place safely; and staff who prepare all the paperwork and deal with aviation officials to ensure flights can happen on time and with the minimum of disruption.