Training Scheme

In response to the gradual decline in Licenced Aircraft Engineers globally, MAF International is rolling out a Training Scheme for aspiring aircraft maintenance engineers. Trainees will join MAF from formal education or from industry into an EASA License pathway, going on to serve with MAF in various programmes across Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

Seeking Partnership with Maintenance Organisations

To support the training scheme, MAF is seeking EASA Part-145 maintenance organisations that could offer practical experience to our trainees as they complete their theory modules. Our trainees will ideally need experience on non-Group 1 aircraft, such as:

  • Cessna 208 (PT6) Cessna 182 (SMA Diesel)
  • Any similar GA / biz-jet aircraft.

Trainee practical experience will need to cover a broad range of tasks as possible to complete their CAP 741 log books.

Could your maintenance organisation partner with MAF International? If so, please contact our Engineering Training Scheme Coordinator: