Welcome to MAF International

MAF has been involved in Bangladesh since the 1980s, assisting with medical evacuations and humanitarian relief flights and, from 1997, operating charter and shuttle flights with an amphibious Cessna Caravan which was able to use remote water-landing sites.

However, a decision has been taken to close MAF's programme in Bangladesh due to declining utilisation of the service by customers following significant growth in transport infrastructure in the country over the past couple of decades.

The most important development was the construction of the Padma Bridge, a six-kilometre, two-storey bridge for rail and road transport, which opened to traffic on 25 June 2022. The bridge will significantly reduce overland travel time to the 21 southern districts, many of which MAF was serving with the twice-weekly Southern Shuttle. We celebrate with the people of Bangladesh the progress that has been made and are truly glad for the dramatic difference that this will make for the southern region.

MAF International values the wise use of resources and seeks to carefully balance the benefits of investments with the costs involved. Closure of the Bangladesh programme will release resources to invest in new opportunities where we can make a more significant difference.

MAF's history in Bangladesh

In the early 1980s, MAF was invited by the Bangladesh Flying Club to assist in the operation of two amphibian aircraft for the purpose of conducting medical evacuations. During this time, it was discovered that a small-aircraft general charter service could have a positive impact on the development of remote communities.

In the 1990s, MAF again responded to a request from the Bangladesh Flying Club for assistance in providing humanitarian relief flights in response to a natural disaster. This developed into further partnership with the Flying Club to provide training and consultation in maintenance and flight. 

Through these joint venture projects MAF realised the benefit of a long term programme that could provide a dedicated flight service to remote areas of Bangladesh.

In 1995, MAF registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau as an International NGO. MAF Bangladesh is a branch of MAF International, a registered charity in England and Wales with support offices in the UK and Australia.

In 1997, MAF Bangladesh was issued an Air Transport Operating License and began operating the only seaplane in Bangladesh. Offering a unique flight service within the country, the MAF amphibious Cessna Caravan (8 passenger) could access countless remote water-landing sites throughout Bangladesh.

We are grateful for the years of service dedicated to the people of Bangladesh and consider it a great privilege to have flown in this country, bringing help, hope and healing to isolated people there.