All participants and the facilitator
Tajs Jespersen

Ten workers have participated in the Senisim PNG Course to be equipped to go out and bring hope.

Story by Tajs Jespersen

Serah Michael is working with MAF as a flight programmer. She was one of the first participants in the course.

 “I’ve learned that I have a purpose and I can add value to someone else’s life,” said Serah. 

Tracy Norbury facilitated the course, written by the Tribal Foundation together with the John Maxwell Foundation, and she was excited to share it with the participants.

“The Senisim PNG Course is made to promote self-reflection and teach about values like hope, humility, empathy and listening. MAF PNG exists to serve the remote communities in PNG, and this course enables our staff to become servant leaders in their own communities,” said Tracy.

After the course I went and taught them how valuable their lives are
Janet Hat, Senior Finance Officer MAF

To know that you can be a difference in your community is something that has motivated Serah. 

“I have a big part to play in the area that I come from. The course has helped me to think about how I can be an agent of change for my community,” said Serah.
“It takes time and effort, but I know I have a part to play because God placed me here for a purpose.”

John Malga, who works with securing parts for the aircraft, is thankful for the things he has learned during the course. He thinks it can help not only himself, but his family too.

“I’ve learned that I, myself, can decide to change. I can be an example to my kids… and teach them about these values,” said John.

For Janet Hat, it’s vital to teach children about God’s purpose for their lives. The Senior Finance Officer for MAF PNG said the course made her aware of how much value and hope she can bring to the children in PNG.

“I am a Sunday school teacher for the settlement kids in Mount Hagen. They don’t really recognise how valuable their lives are. After the course I went and taught them how valuable their lives are. That we all have a purpose,” said Janet.

It takes a lot of work to create change in the communities, but one person can inspire many. Tracy hopes that the course can one day be spread throughout PNG. For now MAF will try to train all its staff to bring hope to communities.

“We hope to see all MAF PNG staff do the course and grow in their roles as servant leaders in PNG,” said Tracy