Training pastors of CLC college sitting in rows for a picture
Photo by Kowara Bell

A course led by MAF Technologies has helped leaders of all ages embrace tools to help their ministry.

A MAF Technologies Story, Kowara Bell

At 68 years old, Willie Wilson Hosave still has an appetite to learn new skills and a passion to share the gospel in isolated communities of Papua New Guinea.

The trainee pastor from Goroka Christian Life Church (CLC) Bible College, was among 15 colleagues who underwent a basic computing course offered by MAF Technologies to upskill the way they use apps to share God's ministry.

Hailing from the remote Henganofi area in the Eastern Highlands region of PNG, Willie acknowledged that attending a computing course was both challenging and a privilege for someone of his age. 

“I have decided to come and train to be a pastor among the young people, regardless of my age, I truly want to serve in God's ministry, and I believe that it is God's will that I am here,” he said.

“The computer training has provided me with the knowledge of using PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word and printing sermons for Sunday service programmes, among various other skills.

“Technology is constantly evolving, and we have gained such skills that will enable us to fulfil our duties more efficiently.”

Pastors in a BCT session Training at the CLC college, at Faniufa, Goroka
Photo by MAF Technologies
CLC, trainee pastors during a BCT session at the bible college at Faniufa, Goroka

Dean of Goroka CLC Bible college, Mckenzie Krokie, emphasised that the initiative is new to the college, and said they were grateful to MAF Technologies for providing the training.

“I haven't seen such work in quite a while that will help our pastors learn such skills,” he said.

“Most of them have never had the opportunity to use or even touch a computer.

“We live in an era of technology, and such training will allow them to use those skills to preach the gospel of God in a more effective and appealing manner to the people.” 

Winsen Taitus, from Henganofi, was the sole female participant in this course and she appreciated the value of the training. 

“This was my first time, and I didn’t think I would be able to acquire such knowledge. However, throughout the past two weeks I’ve gained confidence and understood well how to operate a computer and I’m really blessed to be taught something new to help my work as a pastor,” she said.

“We didn't expect to receive such training, as far as I am aware this sort of training would cost us thousands of Kinas.

“I would like to sincerely thank CLC college and MAF Technologies for the amazing opportunity to improve our approach in sharing God's teachings more comprehensively in this modern era.”

A close up shot of a PC operated by a participant
Photo supplied by MAF Technologies
A close-up shot of a PC used by a participant during the BCT.

MAF Technologies training facilitator Johnson Irarue was delighted that that the computer training allowed pastors an opportunity to broaden their expertise.

“I'm thankful that MAF technologies has caught this vision. The Lord has put this burden in us so that we can go out and help especially remote churches, pastors and ministry workers, because we are now in the technology age and churches in remote areas are pushed to the back and they cannot effectively do their ministry without technology at this time,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he often finds interest from pastors to get the tools they need to share the gospel of Christ.

“By offering such training, I believe we are closing a significant gap for them by allowing them to take the lead in their ministry through the use of technology,” he said.

“So, if we can keep up with this mission, it will benefit many remote churches. And it will have a profound impact on how they carry out their ministry.”


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