Awakening Ministries International prepare to fly from Conakry to Kissidougou
Picture: Annelie Edsmyr

Awakening Ministries International travelled to Gueckedou where the team saw amazing things happen.

"I don’t know if you know this, but 92% of the Guinean population is considered unreached.” 

That’s how Will Jones, founder of Awakening Ministries International, viewed the challenge as his team flew with MAF from the Guinean capital Conakry on their way to the community of Gueckedou in the south of the country.

Will Jones from AMI is excited about his trip.
Picture: Annelie Edsmyr
Will Jones from AMI is excited about his flight with MAF.

They flew back after a week of sharing the Gospel, with a delighted Will bringing good news of lives changed and churches planted.

“We went to a place called Guekedou, a special part of Guinea, and it was incredible,” said Will.

“I am so grateful for our friends and partners, especially our friends and partners like MAF. During this week, so many good things happened.”

“As people have heard the Gospel, new churches have been established and new churches have already been planted in areas where we have been able, in 33 villages, to preach the Gospel and amazing miracles and things have happened. To God be the glory.”

During this week, so many good things happened
Will Jones, Awakening Ministries International

The organisation seeks to reach the lost and equip the church. AMI’s mission mobilisation coordinator Jaleesa Joseph said the team were excited to be in Guinea.

“We know that God has a plan for Conakry. God has a plan for Gueckedou. He has a plan for Guinea,” she said.

“And we’re so grateful to be able to be a part of what he’s already doing here in this country, bringing the Gospel.

“We arrive on the ground ready to share the Gospel, ready to see people be healed, to see people be delivered and set free and walk in the purpose that God has for them.”

Jaleesa Joseph from AMI
Picture: Joel Conte
Jaleesa Joseph from AMI talks about the mission.

Their trip to Gueckedou, near the border with Sierra Leone and Liberia, was made easier when the AMI team boarded a MAF flight to the southern city of Kissidougou. The flight with MAF pilot Jonathan Blomberg spared AMI a gruelling 18-hour drive on poor quality roads which meant the team could be more effective in the community they were visiting.

“When we looked at the logistics and trying to find a way to get there, it proved very difficult,” Jaleesa said.

“We were wondering how we were going to get from Conakry to Gueckedou, where we were told that it would take us between 13 and 18 hours to arrive, and that the state of the road might not be the best.

“Luckily, we heard about MAF from friends in the country, and we were able to book this flight.

MAF Pilot Jonathan Blomberg welcomes the AMI team.
Picture: Annelie Edsmyr
MAF Pilot Jonathan Blomberg welcomes the AMI team.

Will said the ability to work with MAF in Guinea made a huge difference when reaching isolated communities.

“There is a great partnership between MAF and us because we could not get where we are going in a timely manner and with a reasonable amount of energy that we would have to expend driving on crazy roads and getting there without having the energy to do what God has called us to do in ministry,” said Will.

“But partners like MAF offer us the opportunity to do this effectively and efficiently.

“So we have the wonderful privilege of joining our friends in Guinea to fly from Conakry to Kissidougou, so that we can preach Jesus, make disciples and plant the Church.” 

Story: Joel Conte