MAF is launching a Disaster Response operation in Kenya following the flooding crisis that has severely affected East Africa.

The devastating floods began after heavy rains in late April and have been made worse by the arrival of Cyclone Hidaya.

Flash flooding has left more than 103 people dead, 29 injured, 21 people missing, 150,365 people (30,073 families) displaced and nearly 191,000 affected across the country, according to Kenya's National Disaster Operations Centre.

In addition to the loss of lives, there has also been the destruction of properties and disruption to services. Main roads have also been cut-off. 

MAF's Disaster Response team will work with the MAF programme in Kenya for an initial three-week period using 45 hours of Cessna Caravan flying time. This includes a five-hour allowance for aerial survey flights.

A Kenya-based MAF aircraft will transport aid personnel and material to where they are most needed.

The flights will support the work of partner organisations which have requested MAF's help in accessing the area with subsidised flights.

MAF's disaster response flights will target the communities around the following airstrips (and population): Marsabit (36,289), Illeret (18,233), Mandera (114,718), Baringo (75,289) and Maralal (16,602).

Flooding and the resulting displacement can cause a host of health problems, including limited access to clean drinking water, the proliferation of water- and vector-borne illnesses, power outages, and damaged infrastructure that can limit travel to receive medical care. Those who are displaced from their homes may also face compounding health issues, as they may be cut off from medications and equipment needed to manage chronic conditions.

Return flights following the delivery of relief supplies will be utilised to assist in the relocation of urgent medical care patients as well as displaced people. Priority will be given to those with medical needs as well as other vulnerable people (women and children). 

Please join us in praying for those people affected by the flooding and who have suffered loss during this time.