We are committed to demonstrating our organisational values and continuous improvement in all that we do. Therefore, we value feedback and complaints and recognise that effective complaint handling will benefit our stakeholders, our reputation and our administration. We welcome any feedback and complaints about our service or conduct including that of any implementing partner. This includes any alleged breach of a code of practice to which we are signatory. We affirm that complaints can highlight weakness in our systems, policies, processes and service delivery, and can stimulate us to improve. We also affirm that excellent feedback and complaint handling will reassure stakeholders that we are committed to just and transparent resolution of problems, improving relations, building loyalty and enhancing accountability. Our feedback and complaints processes reflect these commitments.

Complaints Process

MAF enables stakeholders to provide feedback and make complaints to the organisation in a safe and confidential manner. We advise our staff, beneficiaries and implementing partners of our complaints and feedback processes. We define feedback and complaints as follows: Feedback: Information given from MAF Staff, partners, beneficiaries or any person to highlight an issue relating to MAF services or behaviour of staff which is used as a basis for improvement. Complaint: Information given from MAF partners, beneficiaries or any other person to describe an unsatisfactory or unacceptable product, service, practice or behaviour. Used for the purpose of addressing the unsatisfactory situation.

Our feedback and complaints process:
• Is readily accessible on our website at 
• Provides a safe and discrete point of contact for stakeholders to raise concerns or complaints about the organisation and allows for complaints to be made anonymously.
• Is responsive and fair, taking into consideration the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged stakeholders through the provision of paper-based or verbal delivery methods
• Allows for complaints regarding an alleged breach of a code of conduct to which we are signatory or members (as listed below). If a complainant is not satisfied with the outcome or response from MAF in relation to a complaint that concerns a potential breach of a code of conduct, then complainants may make a complaint directly to the code authorities via their websites which are linked in the list below: Code of Conduct for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief, CHS Alliance, EU-CORD and the Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction.

Any complaint made through the MAF International Website will first be reviewed by the Head of Quality, Safety and Security (QSS) and addressed by the most appropriate means which may include,
• Conducting internal investigations at the corporate or regional level
• Forwarding onto the relevant programme Quality Manager for investigation
• De-identification of the complainant details if anonymity has been requested
• Directing to the Human Resources/Finance/Aviation/Development Director (as applicable) for issues breaching codes of conduct or involving behaviour of staff

All complaints (including complaints relating to alleged misconduct of staff) are entered into MAF’s quality system database to track the complaint and to ensure both appropriate investigation and response to the complainant. This system includes the retention of records for all complaints and allows for the de-identification of complainants.

All complaints are risk-assessed as part of the investigation process. This provides for the categorisation of the seriousness of complaints to ensure their escalation to the appropriate organisational level for response (including the Governing body) and ensures mandatory reporting requirements are met. MAF’s quality assurance process ensures preventive and corrective responses are commensurate with the seriousness of complaints.

For issues which fall outside of MAF’s control (such as complaints against another organisation) the Head of QSS will make a report to the appropriate company or authority. For complaints that relate to a ‘safeguarding of vulnerable persons’ issue, complainants should utilise the Safeguarding Policy link on the MAF International Website ( However, any complaint lodged to MAF that relates to a safeguarding issue will be forwarded to MAF’s Safeguarding focal point.

For stakeholders who lack internet access or who are illiterate, our operations are able to facilitate verbal complaints which can be made to our agents, implementing partners or staff. MAF has a paper-based form that can be used to assist in documenting the complaint and getting the complaint into our Quality system for tracking and response. The form can be obtained from our operations or downloaded here: QASAR Form

Acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint will be sent as soon as practicable but no longer than 2 weeks, either in email form or paper copy.

All complaints will be investigated by the Programme Quality Manager to determine whether a valid grievance exists. If the complaint involves the Programme Quality Manager, the Head of QSS will investigate. Upon completion of the initial investigation, MAF’s Director in the applicable programme or country will determine what further action if any, is required. Corrective and preventive actions will be raised and managed through the Quality Management System to enable tracking of completion and effectiveness.

Where an individual or organisation has suffered loss or harm due to MAF’s fault, steps towards remediation will be made in accordance with our terms and conditions and relevant consumer law. This may include assistance with, or referrals, to appropriate medical, social, legal or financial services.

Complainants shall be advised of the result of the investigation as soon as practicable, but within 2 weeks of completion, either in email form or paper copy. This advice will indicate what action (if any) MAF has taken, or will take.