Engineer Training Scheme - UK

Engineer Training Scheme

Our UK resourcing group, MAF UK, is excited to be rolling out a sponsored aircraft engineering training scheme to enable aspiring aircraft maintenance engineers to join MAF and work overseas.

We will help successful applicants gain the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to obtain an EASA B1 or B2 licence, ahead of serving with MAF in various programmes across Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

The scheme involves the following stages:

  1. Application
  2. Assessments and selection
  3. Formal study and exams
  4. Practical experience
  5. Overseas placement in a MAF programme
MAF Engineers in Uganda
Photo: Dave Forney
MAF Engineer in Uganda

Practical experience

To gain the required practical experience for your licence, you will be placed in one of our partner maintenance organisations, with the opportunity to work on a wide range of commercial aircraft.

Financial assistance

MAF UK will provide financial assistance by employing candidates on fixed-term contracts for the period of service. This assists with living expenses and accommodation costs. MAF UK will also cover the cost of tuition for both the approved and modular routes. For those on the degree route, MAF UK will pay monthly student loan repayments for the length of active service.

During practical assignments, maintenance providers will employ candidates directly and pay a salary in line with industry standards.

MAF Engineers in PNG
Photo: Annelie Edsmyr
MAF Engineers in PNG

Training agreement

In view of MAF UK’s investment, successful candidates will be required to sign a training agreement binding them to service with MAF following the completion of their studies and practical experience. This agreement will normally last between four and eight years. Self-withdrawal from overseas service will require pro rata repayment of training-related costs.

Attendance and performance

Accepted candidates are required to maintain excellent attendance and perform consistently well in the theoretical and practical aspects of the training. They are also expected to adhere to the standards of behaviour as outlined in our Conduct Policy. Failure to maintain acceptable standards may result in the conclusion of employment and the cancellation of training.

MAF Engineers in Kenya
Photo: Ryan Cuthel
MAF Engineers in Kenya

Bible college

After completing both the theoretical and practical components, candidates will be required to attend a ten-week residential course at Bible college.

Support raising

All candidates are required to start raising support after being accepted and before beginning the theoretical component.

All international staff serving in a MAF programme raise a proportion of what it costs to serve overseas. MAF UK has a dedicated support person to assist candidates in this process, with most applicants achieving their financial targets within the allotted time frame.

Limited places

The are a limited number of places each year, and the application process is highly competitive. However, if your first application isn’t successful, you may re-apply for a following scheme when it becomes available. Alternatively, you can apply for an engineering position with MAF after obtaining the necessary licence through your own self-study.

Applicants must have the right to live and work in the UK.

Contact details

Please contact MAF UK for full details: