Marasita relieved to return home to Kaiam
Tajs Jespersen

MAF flew a paralysed woman to hospital after she fell from a tree, but she is now back home with an astonishing story of healing.

Story by Tajs Jespersen

Marasita was climbing into a tree, trying to escape from someone who was trying to assault her, when she fell from it and broke her back.

“She was paralyzed and couldn't walk,” said Doctor Diana Zwijnenburg, who serves with MAF working at Kompiam Hospital in Enga. “She got worse and worse with pain in particular. She could not be comfortable in any way.

Kompiam Hospital was sending out a health patrol, which flew with MAF to Kaiam where Marasita lives to help the people there with medical issues.

Doctor Diana being interviewed
Tajs Jespersen
Doctor Diana at Kompiam Hospital

“During the patrol, we (MAF and the health patrol) took Marasita back to Kompiam,” said Diana.

At the hospital they examined Marasita and confirmed her condition.

“Physically there was not very much we could do for her, but she did attend our Bible study groups that we have for patients,” said Diana. “It was really a spiritual journey.”

It's just something God has done
Diana Zwijnenburg, Rural Doctor, MAF

During the Bible study sessions, Marasita was able to discover God in new ways and have her faith strengthened. In His grace, God chose to bless Marasita.

“Through that (the Bible study group) she received healing. She's actually received healing to the point she's able to walk again. It’s miraculous,” said Diana.

Marasita walking
Marasita walking again

As a medical professional, Diana is astonished to see the healing that has taken place.

“I don't have any explanation for this. This is not a medical procedure or medication that we've given to her. It's just something God has done,” said Diana.

MAF have recently flown Marasita back to her village, Kaiam.

“She's gone back now with the plane to tell the story to the people in Kaiam. To tell them of how wonderfully God has healed her,” said Diana.